Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Conversatons With Carp - High Level Talks

This morning, standing on a high bank overlooking the creek, I knew there was a carp up against the bank.  The fish was out of sight however, hidden by the overhanging shrub and vines.  The waiting game begin.

After five minutes or so the carp emerged.  Once the fish was out ten feet, maybe a little more, Charlie's Biter Critter was flipped to this beeve.  Fly landing on the right side the fish made a hard right flank and sucked the critter in.

High level talks begin.

With the bank being about eight feet above the creek this angler wasn't about to Geronimo like I would have in a younger day, instead opting for the ol' butt slide down the bank.  Of course there was some grapevine in the way and the rod had to be worked from one hand to the other, but all worked out and the carp came in for the branding.

I was fishing this morning with ill weather approaching.  The western sky was full of thunder - thunder that continued to increase with the rumbling serving as a warning signal.  About the time the carp was returned to the creek, the sky turned dark blue and it was easy to see it was windswept. 

Although I was reluctant to leave, it seemed best to do so.  Time on the water, here of late, has been rare.  Increased pressure from the mercantile store has left me, for the most part, high and dry. 

When I fail to get time on the water my spirit becomes restless.  The walk in life is short.  We should make every minute count, but few of us do.  The daily stress of simply getting by gets the best of us. 

It is only when I'm in the woods or on the water that calmness claims my soul.  It is in these places that I can breath.  These are the places that worries take flight.  In the woods or on the water I stand straight, shoulders square, frown gone, eyes clear, taking in all of the wonder. 

Hopefully, a way to spend more time in the place I should be will come this way. 


Gregg said...


Good encounter. I feel OK with a presentation like that, though I have better success if I'm a bit forward as I picture your fish. Good advice about taking the time away, wish you more chances soon. Hope myself to get out tomorrow.


JUN said...

I am a Japanese fly Fisher.
I love to carp.
Because Japan has a lot of carp, carp fishing is a lot of people enjoy.

Barry said...

Jun, I have watched video about fly fishing carp in Japan and I have to say it is amazing.