Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Conversations With Carp - Too Many Talking

It's nice to watch the sun come up.  Rarely do I get to see a sunrise unless I step out the back door at the mercantile store.  Somehow standing on a concrete dock isn't the same as standing on a sandy shoal watching darkness give way to slowly approaching light and the promise of a new day. 

Time on the creek has also been rare lately.  Seems like when there is a window of chance something comes along and slams it shut.  In the last week it has rained twice and both times was enough to cloud the creek.  Then there are simple day to day activities that tend to catch up with a fellow and vie for time. 

During the month of May, weather in Oklahoma often demands attention.  There's been a lot of cloud cover and threats of storms lately.  Yesterday, fellow fly fisher Donny Carter captured a funnel forming just a short way from his prairie home.

Today, however, promised to be a nice day and I found myself burning a morning of personal time and watching that sunrise I speak of. 

There has been much interference in the communication channel and hopes of conversation with carp.  It seems everyone has something on their mind and simply want to get a word in. 

The drum have stopped being closed-lipped and suddenly want their time at the table of talks.

Catfish are still wanting their say-so including this fellow that also wanted to fight. 

And of course there are always these chatter-boxes. 

This morning started off much of the same with a drum being the first fish to hand.  Next came a catfish, and then after about a half-dozen perch, or so, I finally spotted a favorable carp.  This fellow has just finished a feeding frenzy and he looked to still be hungry.  As a gift, I sent the offering of a War Pony and the gift was quickly accepted. 

Meanwhile, over at the Sulphur Springs Inn, Charlie has been casually making trips to the creek in search of communicating with carp.  Sometimes he goes early, sometimes late.  And, like me, he has also met with interference in the conversation channel.  However, Charlie has broken through most of the fray and picked up several carp with his Biter Critter and new version he calls the Sweet Critter. 

He picked up one carp using a run-of-the-mill black bugger and tried to take a picture with a camera that owns a broken lenses.  A camera with a broken lenses doesn't quite take the good picture, but a picture... still it is. 

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Gregg said...

Whoa! All nice! Love the different species you can catch. Right, our wild weather is broken my mountain ranges, so nothing to match yours. However, it seems your drought is over?