Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, January 9, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 70 - Trout Season

A Good Week For Tying

Fly swaps can be fun, but I haven't participated in one for years.  Currently the Blue River Fly Fishers have a fly swap going on, and I indeed did sign up. 

I don't mind fly swaps these days... I just wish I could see a little better.  A fly tying magnifying glass has been on the wish list for years, but, waders, boots, rods, or other stuff always seem to trump this much needed fly tying tool in this fly tying life. 

Originally, I was going to tie a beadhead pheasant tail cripple (or challenged) pattern.  However, upon checking inventory, discovery revealed a severe shortage on the appropriate sized beadheads. 

One material I did have plenty of was hare's ear mask and hare's ear flavored bug fur so close to two dozen classic hare's ear patterns have been churned as an offering.  I hope they will fish well for many. 

Speaking of fly tying... when I arrived at the prairie home today there was a rooster perched in a tree out the back of the bunk house.  I have no idea where the poor chap came from and felt rather sorry for him.  He had took refuge in the tree, I figure, to escape the clutches of the area felines.  At first, I try to coax him down, but he wouldn't budge.  And, that's probably a good thing... I may have been tempted to borrow some of his feathers. 

With the weather turning, for the most part, raw the rest of this week I do plan on spending a good amount of time on the vise.  After yesterday's experience with those midge blasting trout, a good number of different midge patterns or in order.  And then, there is a scheduled trip to the catch & release looming on the horizon and the need for some patterns for that area is also in order.  


Jason said...

Hey Barry, what patterns are you speaking of tying for the C&R area?


Barry said...

Jason, I've pretty much spent my numbers of red midge larva so I'll be tying some of those. Probably do some disco midge patterns also. Then, I need to put a little variety in my buggers as far as different sizes. Oh, need a couple of more San Juan worms. Everything else I'm pretty well stocked up on.

Gregg said...


The article of the cicada imitation is in the July 2004 issue of Fly Fisherman tiltled "The Backing Mondo Cicada." I have it scanned and can send it to you if I have your email and you'd like to see it.


Barry said...


It would be my pleasure to see it. My email is

Thanks Gregg.