Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 80 - Trout Season

Tying For Strikes... Hopefully. 

In high hopes of getting a little time on the river over the next several days, I've been on the vise tying  some patterns. 

One pattern I've read a good deal about is the Rainbow Warrior nymph.  Never have I fished this pattern, but looking at it... the fly should fish. 

Not having the exact materials this pattern calls for I improvised.  The pattern calls for wide pearl tinsel, which I was void of, so I used clear scud back.  The Rainbow Warrior also calls for rainbow colored dubbing and not having any of that exact material, I blended my own. 

I tied a second pattern tonight.  First let me say that Michael Mercurio is some kind of guy.  He's always doing something for someone else.  Last year he sent me some studs for my wading boots and recently he gifted me with an Alaskan Amber beer.  Last week when we were fishing the catch & release with Charlie, the subject of San Juan worm patterns came up.  I told Merc that I had looked high and low for the claret colored micro chenille used in one particular San Juan pattern.  The only way I knew about this pattern - the claret colored San Juan worm, is because Merc had given me one to fish. 

That worm fished like no tomorrow.  It would catch fish when nothing else would.  I would end up losing the fly to a rock, tree, fish... I don't remember and since then I've been looking for the same colored material to duplicate it.  Merc told me he knew where to get it and lo and behold in today's dispatch from the pony express there was the prettiest package of claret colored worm chenille.  Ahhhhh.... bliss. 

Going to tie some of these puppies up standard style, like above, and a tangled worm pattern also.  Have plans to tie up some claret colored worm balls for those grand and golden ones - the carp.  Killer!!!!

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Dan Ham said...

I started Fly fishing the blue just last weekend and I really enjoying your reading your blog and am delving into the archives now, however i would love to be able to
Know the areas that you are referring to such as
Glory hole, teds pool, honey hole, chimney, etc.
I hammered some decent fish in the C&R Yesterday in one hole & would like to know the name off it.
Does anyone have map with these marked on it..or could I meet you at Scotty's sometime to show me on a map. I'm usually at my place that's only 35 minutes away from the blue. Thanks, Dan