Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 92 - Trout Season

Conversations With Carp - Early Talks

The weather today was so gorgeous, no man in his right mind could have kept off the water if the opportunity presented itself. 

The temperatures were in the low sixties, which made it quite pleasant.  The wind was a little stiff however and when I got to the creek in an attempt to spot for carp I could easily see the chop on the creek.  That chop, along with the green tea stained water made spotting carp almost impossible this afternoon.

Choices were go back home or just stay on the creek for a good measure of time so I go downstream to a rock I fancy and take a seat.  There, I simply sit and unwind from the workday at the mercantile store.

The trash on the creek this year seems abundant and as I sit on that rock I couldn't keep my eyes off the plastic bags, Styrofoam cups, cans and bottles in and along the creek.  It was then I noticed something in the water and went to fetch it.  It turned out to be a 25 pound-weight bag that once held water purifying crystals.  The darn thing still had the handle on it and it would end up being a perfect vessel for me to put all the other trash in.  So, for the next ten or fifteen minutes I collected trash.

Then, it was time to go back to the prairie home, but before I did I wanted one more look at the pasture Charlie and I call "Honey Hole". 

Standing high on the bank at Honey Hole I strained to see any activity in the water.  Just about the time I was ready to give up I saw a flash and I knew that flash was from a carp.  So, I put the trash bag down and slid down the steep hill.  Now, when I say slid I mean slide, because once you get to going there is no stopping it seems.

Being level with the water I couldn't see squat and blind casting was the only option.  After six or eight blind casts I was striking out so the decision to make one more cast was made.  On the last cast I went downstream instead of up and after slowly stripping about three-fourths of my line in, I realized I was going to strike out completely.

But then, there was a sudden pressure and with  a side sweep hookset, today's conversation with carp began.

Gosh, I could easily tell how rusty I am in fighting carp.  This fish wasn't big by no means but ever so feisty.  I had tied an olive and yellow Carpolo Charlie fly on and that was the ticket.  Getting the fish to the bank I could see it was a young Mirror carp.  I say young... it was at best three pounds, but oh what scrapers they are.  And, Mirror carp are simply fascinating looking.

I may just be me, but, Mirror carp seem to fight differently than the Common.  Mirror are quicker, faster, more acrobatic in their efforts to escape.  Common carp, especially the larger ones, just bulldog the daylights out of you and tow-boat you all over the creek. 

Today is the last day of January and this carp is the first carp I've ever caught in January.  I think this doesn't speak as a testament to my fishing ability, but, rather to the weird unseasonable weather we are having this winter. 

Hopefully, the carp will become quite active soon and more conversations will be struck.



Gregg said...

You deserve that fish Barry! Never caught a mirror, simply beautiful. Size? Any carp is a good carp!


Barry said...

Gregg, it was a very young carp... maybe three pounds. However, this fish peeled line off the reel not once, twice, but three or four different times. I've yet to catch a trout this season that has pulled even a fraction of line off the reel. They are amazing creatures and like I said, the Mirror is amazing looking.