Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 82 - Trout Season

Grand Morning In The Wilderness Kingdom

This was a rare morning for me - I did not step a foot into the mercantile store.  Instead I turned the prairie schooner to the east and headed for the beautiful Blue. 

Arriving around seven, I hit the trail into the wilderness kingdom.  It was rather chilly this morning and there was a steady north wind facing me head on. 

However, the fishing was grand!  Wading into the middle of a special stretch I took perch upon a submerged boulder and the brown bugger went to work right away. 

It was one of those ice-in-the-guides morning.  Moreover, it was one of those wind-induced tears in the eyes outings also.  At times my vision was completely blurred from the tears welling in the corners.  Hands numbed early and I never give thought to changing patterns because of my frozen digits and the fact the brown bugger was doing so famously well. 

Soon, the reel would begin freezing up, but that didn't seem to matter much.  The fish were only ten to fifteen feet to my side and they were being plucked at an almost rhythmic fashion.

I had to call it a short day however.  It seems the prairie schooner has pulled up lame and the condition became terribly worse on the trip down.  I would dare say there is a ball joint issue and therefore the schooner will stay at the stable until a wagon mechanic can have a look. 

Despite the cold weather and the problem with the schooner it was a grand morning in the wilderness kingdom.

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