Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 86 - Trout Season

One Fly Contest Taking Shape

Since the prairie schooner came down lame and has been in the shop and with the much needed rain blurring Blue River quite badly, which means not much chance of getting on the water, I decided to go ahead and order the prizes for second and third place in the 1st Annual One Fly Contest at Blue River.

Of course we all know by now the first place finisher will receive a $100.00 Cabelas gift certificate.  Fellow fly fisher John Haney has been gracious enough to make a trip to Cabelas and now has that prize in his hand.  He plans on delivering the gift certificate to yours truly on a February fly fishing outing. 

The second place winner will receive an Okuma Sierra 5/6 fly reel.  Now, an Okuma is certainly not a Tibor, but I can personally tell you these are tough little reels.

I have fished them for a good number of years and the poor things have been slammed into rocks, smashed up against trees, completely buried in mud, and in 2010 one Okuma reel had over 120 bulldog carp try and rip the guts out of it.  They're good tough little reels and the second place winner should be well pleased with what the reel will bring.

The third place finisher will receive a Spirit River spring action rotary vice.  Again, just like the Okuma isn't a Tibor, the Spirit River isn't a Renzetti.  But again, this little vice will be a good back-up or secondary vise.  I can also see how this can be a vise one would want to take to the river for some tying, particularly if a clamp board or table is also in tow. 

All in all there are some good prizes to be claimed and we also hope to have a number of give-aways by random drawing. 

Entries are still coming in and I should remind anyone interested that the deadline for entering is February 10th, so get those entries in soon please. 


The Dentonista said...

Great effort Barry! Feel free to throw a thread out at - Shannon

Barry said...

Thanks Shannon... will be highly disappointed if I don't see you on the river with the one fly tied on. Thread throw coming your way.