Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, January 30, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 91 - Trout Season

Torn Between Trout And Carp

As the sun warmed the prairie land this afternoon, I couldn't help but think of my outing on Blue River this past Saturday.  Hiking into the wilderness at Blue on Saturday morning I knew full well I would find a muddy chocolate milk-like river.  Still, the fish were there and fish were caught.

On the way in, it was easy to tell the wind was from the west and I was reminded of what Walton wrote, "Wind from the west, fish bite the best."  Well, maybe.  I think, however, Walton should have put some footnotes with that summation such as (1) Unless the friggin' river is chocolate milk! 

It was all good though. 

Today, fellow caster of fur and feather, that Grizzly Adams of carp-by-fly addict Charlie was on Blue - fishing the trout.  He reported today that the river is trying to clear and is in better shape.  Sounds like Charlie did okay this afternoon capturing trout. 

Although he captured trout he reported the bait fishers on the bank were looking like forlorn souls not getting any bites at all.  That news does not bid well for my Wednesday outing where I am entertaining some... bait chunkers.  Yep, that's right... bait chunkers. 

I'll tell you more later.

Anyhow, today would have been a good day to be on the river Blue - just couldn't swing it. 

Instead, I spent some time on the vise and tied up a couple of trout flies and then switched to carp patterns for friend Charlie. 

I didn't get a lot of patterns tied today - a couple of Carpolo Charlies in different weights, a mega San Juan wormball in claret, a regular sized San Juan wormball in red, and a Carp Tease.  Tomorrow, I'll try and do some Crazy Charlies, Mysis Shrimp, and Clousers.  Yes... Clousers will capture carp. 

Later on will come the Carrots and Backstabbers and even more Carpolo Charlies in different color schemes, and good measures of all will be at Charlies' disposal.

Right now, the fly-tying desk is a total mess - an apocalypse of bou, rubber legs, dubbing, flash, and chenille, with material for trout flies such as pheasant tail and hare's mask - all laced together in no rhyming shape or fashion.  The desk is a disaster - a sweet disaster of possible opportunities.    

No, I'm not haunted by waters, I'm torn by species.  

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Gregg said...


Nice bunch of carp flies, all a winner here I bet, I know for a fact some already do well for me.

Thanks, Gregg