Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 89 - Trout Season

Of Beer And Brown Buggers

Sitting at the bunkhouse this morning I knew very well that the river Blue was off due to mid-week rain.  The reports had the river as running chocolate.  However, I'm not one for just sitting around, and therefore I pack the gear in the schooner. 

Besides, fly fishing is the only form of exercise I get and after a week of not getting on the water I was feeling  rather stoved.  Additionally, I was dying to try out the new cane walking/wading staff Charlie brought me last week. 

It was mid-morning when I arrived at the river and it wasn't long until I struck out on the trail into the wilderness.

I must tell you what a difference the cane walking/wading staff has already made in my fly fishing life.  Today, there would have been no way I could have waded the river without that cane.  There was zero visibility one foot past the bank. 

However, the most amazing thing about this cane staff is the difference it made in my hiking ability.  I would dare say it took 70% of the stress or effort off of my legs while hiking.  I've always been much stronger in my upper torso compared to the lower.  Today, I simply kept the cane in my predominant hand (right-handed) and when I come to one of those steep inclines I would simply bear down with my arm on the cane.  It was truly amazing.  It makes sense however with me having Popeye like arms - strong forearms, but not much mass elsewhere. 

Hiking today, thanks to the cane staff, was a breeze!  So, I'm putting all you young fly fishers on notice that I may be able to keep up with your young arses now! 

There are some things we own that a value can not be placed.  Just like that ol' dirty cowboy hat I wear, this cane staff from Charlie is already... priceless. 

Arriving at Coyote Pass, the reality of the river's condition set in as you can see from the short clip below.

Since the trek had been made there was no reason to simply turn around and hike back out.  Looking in the fly box the selection was rather easy. 

The brown bugger - that Duke of Marabou Brown was plucked from the slot and quickly commissioned for duty on the high brown sea in front of me.

With a roll cast of twenty, maybe twenty-five feet the brown one was sent on his maiden voyage of the morning. 

And how did he fare on that maiden voyage?  Watch in the brown water.

On the hike out of the wilderness today I felt energized!  I don't know if it was the cane staff that was causing me spry or the brown bugger producing in such off water conditions.  Perhaps it was both.

So, thank you Charlie for the wonderful cane staff you created - it has already made a huge difference in my fly fishing life.

And, to you brown bugger - the Duke of Marabou Brown, here is something for you.

Oh bugger of brown
  dear friend so fine
If you could drink beer
  we'd drink one anytime

I'd tilt the glass
  testament to your favor
Drink the pale ale
  pleasure to simply savor

For you're the grand bug
  when I'm on the river
Trout to my waiting hand
  you never fail deliver  



I have landed more trout on brown flies (pheastant tail mainly) this season than the past 5 combined. I have hardly fished olive colored flies. Thanks for the update Barry, think I'll wait a few days to drive up. I like the song! LOL!

JW said...

The brown is killing this season!! Man i love those dad gum trout, and that gorgeous river....

Jason Williams