Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 31 - Trout Season

One Rod - Two Opportunities

There are a lot of articles these days about Euro nymphing.  At one time this type of fishing was generally referred to as Czech nymphing, but, then we learned the Polish, French, and Spaniards all had their own twists to this particular discipline of fly fishing. 

Euro nymphing consists of shorter, lighter, and thinner leaders using several flies with at at least one being a weighted fly.  With this practice the rod is held high, the line off the water and kept taught staying in constant contact with the flies. 

Generally, 10 foot or longer rods are used in Euro nymphing and small rivers or streams are often perfect for this type of fishing.   The angler is always concentrating and feeling for a pick-up on one of the flies.  These days even longer leaders are being employed. 

I don't know about the practicality of Euro nymphing on Blue River since it is such a diversely structured river.  However, without thinking too much, or hard, there are several good riffles and runs that come to mind where Euro nymphing could be employed or put into play. 

But, carrying a 10 foot rod, and only a 10 foot rod, on Blue River could cut us short to many opportunities and places we can fish on this river.  There are many places, runs, and pools on Blue River that are simply too tight for such a long rod. 

However, those clever devils at Temple For Outfitters have come up with a solution to such situations.  TFO has created a series rod known as the BVK.

The BVK was designed as a four piece 3 wt. dry fly rod.  Length is 8 feet.  However, with the BVK you can purchase an adapter kit that makes the 8 foot dry fly rod into a 10 foot Euro nymphing rod.  The BVK dry fly rod by itself is $225.00.  The adapter kit will cost you another $99.00, but, you now have one rod that will serve as two rods. 

The adapter or conversion kit replaces the butt section with an extra 24 inches of length.

As a 8 ft. rod, tight streams, small flies, and delicate and finicky trout can be pursued.  As a 10 foot rod, the fly angler will have better mending power, can high stick without becoming fatigued, and practice the art of Euro style nymphing. 

Find out more by visiting Temple Fork Outfitters.

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