Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 55 - Trout Season

Merry Christmas From Blue River

Each Christmas since the year 2000 I have put up a whimsical story in poetic fashion titled Blue Christmas.

Sadly, I lost my companion dog and best friend Smokey in 2008, but, the wonderful memories remain.

There was not a place on Blue River he didn't follow me and oftentimes the current would be too much for him and I would turn around to fetch him up.  I do believe there wasn't a swift enough current anywhere in any river that would have kept Smokey from me... or I from him. 

So, with wonderful memories I once again post this Christmas time story of a wonderful friendship.

Blue Christmas

Twas the day of the night before Christmas, the season of cheer,
Me and Smokey was on the Blue, cause trout season was here,
Then there came a sudden blizzard, we found ourselves snowed in,
We knew that on the Blue, Christmas Day we would surely spend.
So we pitched a tent, made a fire, and the best of the situation,
Then came the dusk and with it, the night of Christmas celebration,
Me and Smokey walked to the river to gaze at the stars of the sky,
And thats when Smokey saw it...and then it caught my eye.
It was a bright burning red glow, that seemed to be way afar,
We knew it wasn't an airplane, or even a bright burning star,
The red glow came straight at us and then I heard that jingle bell,
I thought, "Is this jolly old St. Nick, Mr. Santa Claus pray tell?"

Smokey let out a big bark, and I said "No my little friend!"
”A less than warming welcome, we certainly should not send.”
The sleigh came hovering over the crossing, slowing to a stop,
The sleigh was full of toys and presents from bottom to the top.

Santa said, "Whoa Dancer, slow down Prancer, and you too Blitzen."
”Santa hears those trout a calling, so Santa is going fishin'!"
Santa stepped from the sleigh and put on his waders and creel,
Then reached into the sleigh and produce a fly rod and reel!

His face was full of content as he tied a bugger on his line,
Then he cast his fly into the water with a snap of thrice time,
A trout came up and took the bug and Santa gave a "Whoa!"
He landed the trout, looked him in the face and cheerfully said...."Ho Ho Ho!"

Santa gently removed the hook and said "My friend, you're free to go."
Smokey and I could see so plainly by the light of Rudolph's red nose glow,
And the trout slipped back in the stream in the Blue's beautiful pool,
Santa put up his gear because he knew having fun was the Blue rule.

By now a large crowd had gathered on the banks of the river,
And a message Santa had for all, Santa would now deliver,
Santa said, "So-long Mr. Coyote, Mr. Owl, Miss Trout,
So-long to your sir, and Smokey the trout scout with a snout."

Santa continued. "For you my friends, my present is so very clear."
"It's a present for all and each of you, a present to your hearts dear."
"May the sun shine ever so brightly, may these waters forever flow."
"May these trees always blossom, and these grasses forever grow."

Santa got back in the sleigh and it slowly ascended in the air,
Me and old Smokey were silent.....all we could do was stare,
The sleigh went in front of the moon and it's glowing golden light,
We heard Santa say, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."

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