Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Friday, December 16, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 46 - Trout Season

My Sincere Apology

Yesterday, after going to the river, I posted that I thought weekend fishing at Blue River would be "iffy" at best.  My reasoning for making that post was not only the condition of the river upon seeing it myself, but, also because of the possibility of more rain to come later yesterday. 

The rain did not come.

However, while I was at the river yesterday looking at her condition, I had this gut feeling that the river was going to clear quickly.  My problem was, I didn't have the balls to say so.  I didn't have those gonads to say weekend fishing will be possible because I know of how many of you drive hundreds of miles to get here.  And, if you did make such a trip this weekend based on my gut feeling, but, then found a river less than desirable... you would've been terribly upset with me.  I  can't handle that.

It's a funny thing about free-flowing rivers - they can trick you sometimes.  Yesterday however, there was just something about the color and texture of the water that said, "This isn't going to be bad." 

This morning Matt Gamble, Blue River area manager, made a post saying the river had cleared dramatically.  This afternoon, Scotty of Blue River One Stop called me and said he had been to the river and along with Matt they couldn't believe how quickly it had cleared. He asked me to let people know right away.

So, I immediately made changes to Scotty's website and then to his Facebook account to let people know the river will fish good this weekend. 

Again, I offer apology for not going with my gut feeling - a feeling I have honed over thirty years of watching this river. 

I hope nobody cancelled plans to come to the river Blue this weekend.

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