Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 38 - Trout Season

Good New For An Already Pretty River

It's always pleasing to hear some good news about one of our rivers.  Good news is something that seems to come rarely these days and times. 

Just last week, I shared not so good news about the Denver South Platte and how the concern and action of one man became infectious.  Through that process the news turned out on the good side for this Denver river that so many in that area hold good favor for.

On Monday, there was a news release from the Oklahoma Nature Conservancy announcing the purchase of almost 500 acres along Blue River. 

According to Mike Furh, state Director of the Oklahoma Nature Conservancy, the purchase of this tract of land is the first in a long time and unlike usual acquisitions, which are already in pristine shape, this particular purchase presents the challenge of rehabbing the land along the river. 

Furh stated, "This is a river project." 

When I read the words "river project" a smile came to my face.  Owning the philosophy that "upstream is downstream", I believe the efforts of the Oklahoma Nature Conservancy will lead to a better river overall. 

Furh went on to mention the issue of water quality, which is often overlooked in this time when quantities of water far overshadowed quality. 

The tract of land in question is somewhat north of land owned by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, but, not so far that the efforts of the Nature Conservancy will directly benefit the portion of river that serves as a fall and winter trout fishery and overall wonderful year round fishery.  


Gregg said...


I belong to TU, the CAG, but if I really had to choose one conservation group that benefits all wildlife through it's simple agenda of aquistion, it would be The Nature Conservancy. I believe Gen. Schwarztkopf has it as his only. Hope I did not mess up his name.


Barry said...

I like them also Gregg. Love all things John Muir-like.