Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 50 - Trout Season

Getting Buffed For Carp

Today is day number fifty in trout season at Blue River and that puts us one third of the way through the entire season. 

With each passing day, trout season at Blue gets shorter, but, at the same time... with each passing day, carp by fly season grows closer for Charlie and myself on our local carp creek.

This carp season, we will have more reason than ever to learn as much as we can about the grand and golden ones - what others simply call carp.  One thing we've learned for sure is the need to always conceal ourselves from the acute senses these creatures seem to own. 

Concealment translates to camouflage while we are pursuing the beeves that roam these local pastures.  I figure when it comes to camouflage, it's much easier for me to disguise myself than it is for Charlie to hide himself.  First of all, I'm about half the size of Charlie, or he's about twice as big as me... ever how you want to look at it.  What I'm trying to say is there's more to Charlie to hide rather than there is on me. 

Then, Charlie sports that long, white, flowing beard and it's a distinguishing feature about him.  The only way I can see camouflaging that beard is for Charlie to stick some twigs, sticks, and leaves in it and to tell you the truth... I just don't see Charlie doing that. 

So, since we have become dedicated carp by fly fanatics, it's time we step up our game and get buffed. 

A good way to camouflage at least our face, is the wearing of a buff.  A buff can be used to cover the forehead, or worn around the neck, or worn around the neck and pulled up over the back of the head, and more importantly pulled up over the front of the face. 

Now, with Charlie's beard, I'm not exactly how well this is going to work, or how comfortable it will be, but, nonetheless, I'm going to order him one along with one for myself.

The good folk at Buffwear make a large selection of buff wear including a pattern that showcases the scales of the grand and golden one.  Take a look.

I can't say with absolute certainty that wearing these buff's will make our carp by fly success any better, but, I'm willing to bet they will. 

And... we'll look rather dapper wearing them. 

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Gregg said...


I absolutely believe in camo, or earth tone at least, for all species, but carp, absolutely. Summer I rely on a tan, crazy, but I enjoy the sun. Those fish just demand it.