Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, December 5, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 35 - Trout Season

Diners, Drive-Ins, Dives And Fly Fishing

There's a stew on the stove-top, and as I peck on this laptop the stew is in the stewing stage. 

With the weather being as brutal as it's been today, a chance at the river was out of the question.  Maybe, if I were a younger man a trip would have been possible, but a younger man I am not and that is fodder for another piece later on. 

The sky was gray all day and that somehow always says to me that it's the perfect day to go fly fishing for trout.  However, the temperature has not penetrated the forty mark and the wind is as relentless as I have seen this trout season. 

So, I cook today. 

And since I am cooking, it reminds me of the more eclectic approach I take to fly fishing these days and one of the aspects of that is... good food... somewhere along the way to the water or back.

For years, if you walked into Scotty's Blue River One Stop, Scotty was the chief, head cook, bottle washer, janitor, bait expert, trout fishing therapist, propane tank filler, and all-around good guy.  Back then, if you ordered a hamburger you got what is known as a "Scotty Burger".

However, there came a lady named Gloria and she took over many of the duties including cooking burgers.  Scotty Burgers would rival any hamburger, anytime, anywhere.  They were simply that good and greasy.  But, I, like others, learned something when Gloria came along.

If you go to Scotty's place today and he is on the grill then you ask for a Scotty Burger.  However, if Gloria is on the grill... don't dare ask for a Scotty Burger.  If you do, she will tell you quite promptly and plainly she doesn't cook Scotty Burgers... she cooks Gloria Burgers. 

You know what?  Her burgers are as good as Scotty's. 

Both burgers are so good, I've been thinking about trying to contact Guy Fieri and his show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and see if Guy would come shoot a segment on these wonderful palate pleasing patties.

Guy, being the hoot he is, would probably get behind the grill and flip a few burgers himself.  Then, as he usually does in front of the camera, he'll cram about half of one of Scotty's or Gloria's burgers in his mouth and declare, "Wow man, that's out of the park", or "Wow man, that's out of bounds", or Wow man, that's patent pending", or one of his other famous quotes.

After he wraps his shoot, I figure some of us could kind of surround Guy and begin to wear his arse out about fly-fishing down on Blue River.  We could have it all planned and staged, having a set of waders ready for him.  Then, we get Guy down there and put a fly rod in his hand to see if this fellow that can cook so good... can fish so good. 

It will be a blast!  And... Guy will probably catch some trout too.  


Mitchell George said...

Is that BBQ place still there? The one with the wall-sized river portrait?

Barry said...

You're talking about River Ribs. I believe it is still in operation.

Eric said...

those burgers are awesome, I just started going to the BR this spring but I haven't made a trip yet w/o running back to Scotty's for a burger and some tots @ lunch time

Barry said...

Awesome is the word! Thanks Eric.


Sausage/egg breakfast sandwich is pretty tasty also!!

Barry said...

Yes sir it is. I love breakfast at Scottys.