Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Friday, November 18, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 18 - Trout Season

So Far Away From Me

Thirsty... so thirsty.  Not for a drink of water, but rather for water to fish.  Water so near but I cannot seem to get there. 

Michael Mercurio sent a message to me and Charlie too that he was coming up today to fish the catch & release area.  He said he could use some company and Michael makes for wonderful company, but, Charlie was busy at his inn and I was tied to the mercantile store.  The water escaped both Charlie and I today.  Hoping Michael had a bang-up outing. 

There is this weekend however and from what I am hearing it is go now or wait a long time.  Anyone that is hoping to battle the trout of Blue River better do so this weekend or be prepared to wait for things to get better.  The fore-sayers of the weather are predicting that we will receive four inches of rain come Monday or Tuesday.  If that indeed takes place then Blue River is going to be a mess for the rest of November and into early December. 

Even though the river is still murky and the wind is predicted to howl tomorrow, I have to go see the princess of the prairie and drown a fly or two. 

Last trout season, near this time, I tied up a pattern called the Bubble Boy Soft Hackle and took it to Blue with me.  On it's maiden voyage it caught trout and then caught more trout.  But then... a shipwreck - the fly slamming into a submerged boulder and Bubbly Boy was lost at sea.  I only tied one of this pattern and never tied another last season. 

Tonight, I tied another Bubble Boy and Bubble Boy Jr. to go with it. 

The Bubble Boy requires few materials - a gold beadhead, partridge feather, glass bead behind the partridge and dubbed body.

I may invite these two to go with the river with me tomorrow and if so they will get to taste the stew. 

Also tomorrow, I am hopeful to find some clear fast riffles to try my hand at a little Euro nymphing leaving the indicators in the package where they belong.  


Random Musings said...

What size are these? I just tied up a #16 and it looks smaller than your larger fly.

Barry said...

Both were tied on a Mustad C49S hook - one size 16 the other size 12. Hope they fish well for you!