Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 5 - Trout Season


Today on the river Blue, a number of long time devoted Blue River fans gathered for lunch.  Even though there wasn't a lot of company... the company there was great. 

At our luncheon were Harold and Eva Beck with their furever friend Dixie, Donny and Linda Carter, Billy Don Carter and Deanna Carter, Chris and Laura Adams, Larry Compton and yours truly.

There were a good number of familiar faces missing today and I hope there will be another opportunity to have a get-together later in the year. 

None of us fly fished today and for me that was actually kind of nice.  I found it nice to simply sit and visit with folk that I admire, respect, and genuinely like - people I consider kindred spirits. 

There was a lot of good food.  For an appetizer we had Harold Beck's Dutch oven cheese appetizers.  For desserts we had Linda Carter's Dutch oven apple cobbler and Laura Adams dump cake.  And, as our main course we had Dutch oven Mexican casserole, chicken in cherry sauce, and green bean casserole. 

The weather was pretty nice, a little gusty wind at times, and again the fellowship was wonderful. 

Here are some pictures from our luncheon today.

1 comment:

lovin' life said...

My first visit to Blue River this year and caught 3 trout at 10 inches and released them to grow-up.

Went down stram and folks were filling their stringers with much smaller fish.

I'm not accustom to this type of...sportsmanship:(