Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 27 - Trout Season

Trash Can 101
Although the sun was shining ever so brightly today, it was easy to tell this would be a raw day on the river Blue.  The temperature was in the low 40's, which is not bad as far as trout fishing weather, but, then there was the wind.  It seems the northern wind god was being his sometime boisterous, belligerent self - his breath dispensing misery up and down the river.

Still, I wanted to be on the river and thought I could manage a little time in the harsh conditions.  Uh... I was terribly wrong - didn't last long at all.  Fishing off the Boulder at Seventeen put me in the middle of the river and the wind was sweeping all around my position. 

Catching a trout right off the bat, it looked like fishing might be okay today.  However, three short-strikes later, tears running from the corner of my eyes, hands going numb - the deciding factor that sent me packing was when old blowhard blew my hat off.  His cold steely breath was too much today.

On day 24 I also fished the Boulder and you may remember me noting that some joker or jokers had been drinking beer on the Boulder and left their empty beer vessels behind.  That day I didn't have a trash bag, but, today made it a point to carry one with me. 

This is what I call the "before" picture - being the beer containers on the Boulder before they went into what is known as a trash bag.  Imagine that!

This is the "after" picture of the Boulder after said beer containers had been placed in what is known as a trash bag.  Doesn't the Boulder look much better now?

This is known as a trash can.

Can you say trash can?

Trash cans are called trash cans for a reason.

Do you know why trash cans are called trash cans?

Trash cans are called trash cans because they are meant to hold our trash.

Do you know there are trash cans on Blue River?

Do you know why there are trash cans on Blue River?

Trash cans are on Blue River because the river is not a trash can.


Do we need to go over this again?

Thank you!

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