Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 3 - Trout Season

My goodness, what a wall of wind came this way overnight and continuing today.  Even though I detest the wind gods and their blowhard way, I cannot blame their bitter breath for this turning into a no fishing day. 

Much to my chagrin, the workplace could not find anyone to cover my meager responsibility and duty at the mercantile store and therefore I had to work. 

Since it was a no fishing day I decided to take care of some other fly fishing things that needed tending such as tying some new patterns and shopping for new fly line. 

Charlie, my fellow carp by fly addict, has a big heart you see.  A couple of months ago he showed up at the store and gifted me with two brand new fly rods.  Cabelas Three Fork fly rods that is - a 3 weight and a 5 weight.  It seems Charlie found a clearance on these rods and picked up two for himself and two for me. 

Cabelas Three Fork have had a long and devoted fan base and on day 1 of my chapter 58, I baptized the 5 weight at Blue River.  It's a sweet rod. 

The Three Fork caught most of the fish on Monday, but I quickly realized I had made a mistake - a mistake I know better than to make.  I lined the rod up with an inexpensive fly line and like I say... I know better.

Using inexpensive fly line is the equivalent of throwing money away - it will be just a short matter of time until you're ripping the crap off and replacing it.  Just like I'm about to do. 

So, today I'm shopping on line and trying to decide if it will be SA GPX series, Rio Gold, or Orvis Wonderline.  For sure I'm going to drop a few bucks, but, for this sweet little rod - one that is a gift from my friend, it will be money I want to spend.  

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Russell said...

My first fly rod was a three forks. A great rod for an unbelievable price. It just so happens that my last line purchase was SA mastery GPX and I've had opportunity to fish it in several different environments and highly recommend it. Thanks for asking pardner.