Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 2 - Trout Season


Like yesterday, my time today would be limited and knowing well ahead that a front was on it's way, I found myself in an uncomfortable rush this morning.

Today is day 2 of trout season and my chapter 58.  Yesterday the fishing was okay and my expectation today was the fishing might be better. 

As I said, the front was on it's way from the west traveling east and promised quite strong winds predicted as high as sixty miles per hour. 

On the river Blue today I went downstream to Glory Hole and took position on an outcrop of granite.  First rattle out of the box, there was a strike and hookset with the first offering.  Of course I was thinking trout, however, it was a small spotted bass.  Casting a bugger down and across I would quickly catch two trout.  Looking downstream I could see swirls, so of course that direction I went. 

Retiring the bugger I decided to fish tandem.  On goes a Copper John and to his sweet ass I tied a size 18 Red Midge Larvae.  I would've bet my bottom dollar that the Red Midge was going to get most of the action, but I was so wrong. 

The Copper John took all the trout while presenting this tandem rig.  Fishing a tandem rig is a much slower kind of fishing compared to stripping a bugger, but, it's very effective at times. 

With the exception of one trout all the trout today were in the eight inch range. 

Fishing tandem under an indicator I seem to miss more fish than I catch.  One problem I had today is I took a new rig and didn't take the time to stretch the fly line which causes too much slack and slows the hookset motion. 

After five fish coming to hand courtesy of the Copper John, and none courtesy of the Red Midge, I decided to change the midge out to a Crackleback.  The Crackleback fared no better than the midge. 

The early morning was nice today and the front wasn't scheduled to arrive until after lunch.  Around 9:30 however, it was easy to sense a big change in the air and for me the fishing, or I should say catching, shut down. 

I head to the bunkhouse thankful for the time I had this morning.  

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