Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 8 - Trout Season

Fascination With Flies - Estate Sale Fly #1

Going through my recent acquired treasure trove of flies, I quickly realized I didn't know the name of many of the patterns.  With recent help from the likes of Harold Beck and Donny Carter several flies were identified, but, still there remain some that are strangers - like this one below.

With these estate sale flies my questions will be the same.  The questions being (1) What is the name of this fly? (2) How do I plan on fishing it?  (3)  Will it catch trout.  So... here we are. 

What is the name of this fly?  I have no friggin' idea.  I would consider it a hairwing fly with a tailing shuck... but, as far as the name somebody has to help me. 

How do I plan on fishing it?  I'm going to throw it in the drink in the film and fish it like a wet.  May work, may not. 

Will it catch trout?  Dunno - haven't tried it yet, but, hope to do so soon and will publish the results whether good or not.  


Unknown said...

Hi Barry,
That is Craig Matthew's "X Caddis," a fly designed to be an emerger, a no hackle elk hair with a shuck of some sort of synthetic material, originally @Zelon I believe. It works exceedingly well for trout, dead drift, twitched, even stripped in fast. They are tied in the usual trout sizes, #12-16, I tie many of mine down to #20.
Best, Gregg

Barry said...

Thanks Amigo! Your knowledge helps a lot!