Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Friday, November 4, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 4 - Trout Season

I decided to fish glass this morning on the river Blue and took that old $5.00 pawn shop Featherlight with me.  The rod has a few problems in it, but, still it can catch fish as it did today.  Years ago I fished a lot of glass, but, eventually I would migrate to the lighter graphite rods.  These days, I find myself rediscovering the beauty of glass.  

Even though I was running an hour behind and didn't get to the river until eight o'clock, it was still darn cold.  On the water it was a case of icy guides and stinging fingers. 

With an olive grizzly bugger five trout were taken at Glory Hole before I decided to go to the prairie schooner and warm my aching digits. 

After driving around the river awhile, I hitched the schooner at Chimney to see if there were any trout left in the pool above the falls.  Once on the falls I saw a fly-fisher downstream perched delicately on a skinny rock.  We waved, but, from that distance I didn't recognize the chap.

Shortly, he joined me on Chimney Falls and it was Michael Chaffin of the Blue River Fly Fishers.  We had a nice visit and Michael gave me one of his creations - a beautiful parachute pattern.  This fly was very nicely tied.

Michael reported he had done very well just above the crossing earlier and hadn't done too bad either while perched on that skinny boulder.  While talking I caught two bows on the bugger and then the bugger caught a tree and was lost at sea.

Michael told me he had to get back to his family - it seems he has a new baby and we all know how demanding that can be. 

Much like Michael I also had to leave about ten minutes after he did.  Although I am officialy on vacation, there has not been a single day I haven't had to go to the mercantile store at least once.  Kind of sucks, but, that's the way it is. 

Tomorrow is an annual luncheon when fly fishers come together to cook, catch-up, and enjoy some good fellowship.  So... if anyone is fly fishing tomorrow please join us for lunch at the end of Area 1. 

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