Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chapter 58 Day 6 - Trout Season

This morning it was back to work for a couple of hours.  Tomorrow I am officially back to work, but, have more vacation days scheduled - hopefully I will be able to take them.

Decided to go back to the river since the weather was so nice.  It was an almost balmy morning with temperatures being in the low sixties. 

Having yet to travel into the wilderness area it only made sense that this would be my designation this morning.  At the beginning of the trail I could tell something was different.  Usually as we begin the trek down the steep road we can hear the loud voice of the river.  Today though it was loudly quite - a hush to Blue's voice - a testament of the low flow due to this summer's exceptional drought.

I hiked under an completely overcast sky and there wasn't a hint of wind.  Not getting to the river until almost 9 a.m. there were already a good number of anglers that had made the trip in. 

The experience was great this morning, but, the catching was not.  Staying for a little over an hour I would only find one trout.  During the entire time I fished near a spinner fisherman and he too would only find one trout.  And, Chris Adams was fishing and Chris only found one trout. 

I guess the lack of willing trout is due to only one stocking and heavy, heavy pressure on this area.  More and more people are choosing the wilderness areas because of it is such a beautiful open area. 

On the way back to my prairie home I decided to stop and take a look at Blue's little sister Pennington Creek.  Pennington is faring good like Blue, but, not her usual self and again it is due to the drought this past year. 

The weather is fixing to change.  Forecasters are calling for heavy rain Monday and Tuesday and the river's complexion may change. 

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